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Nov. 24th, 2016 10:16 am
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*still giggling*

[ profile] baranduin and [ profile] hanarobi just wrote me the most brilliant Claudia h/ccccccccc in Rivendell ficlet just for me!!!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll purr, you'll wonder where Sam is...
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I probably won't be on much tomorrow (a very busy first day back at work after my vacay), so I wanted to wish a happy birthday to my dear friend [ profile] shirebound!!

Happy Birthday to [personal profile] shirebound!!!

Hope you have the bestest type of birthday, as you well deserve!

I wrote a little Too Long to Wait snippet for you that just came to me now! Ellohir gets a birthday greeting from far away.

Too Long to Wait: Birthday Wish, rated G (F/A implied only, former mpreg implied only) )
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[ profile] baranduin suggested sharing of some music videos, and naturally many shared so far have been '80s videos since well, 80's videos were the shit, naturally. :D

Once upon a time in 1986, high school!Claudia was absolutely obsessed with the Moody Blues' "Wildest Dreams"...I think I played this song a record number of times of any song I ever owned ever...

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So the Frodo (or Elijah) Yule Challenge is live now! ([ profile] yuletide4frodo)!!!!

Come one, come all! We are very easy-going, the three Stooges, and hope that everyone will find something! Yes, even you who think you might be blocked!

Prompt post live
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In case you haven't read it already, [ profile] baranduin and I will be doing a Frodo (or Elijah) exchange!!! [ profile] baranduin set up the intro post!

Go here for more info! This will be any genre or pairing, gen or slash, anything, as long as Frodo (or Elijah) is a key character.
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Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] lavendertook!!!!!

I offer you a bouquet of kittens! (shh, don't tell Saki and the gang)

Merlin would have posed for a pic, but he is too busy being nosy about what I put in my lunch bag this morning. Helo is waving from the other room where he is still sleeping on my pillow in hopes of tempting me back to bed.

Hope today is a great birthday in every way and an even better year for you!!!

**birthday hugs**
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Happy Birthday to my sister-in-trash....[personal profile] lilybaggins!!!

(who is also fortunate to share her b-day with Elijah Wood!! :D)

So glad you're still around here and that your Frood mpreg love has never died! :)))

So I know you've seen some of this before, but I added a few pages more. I'm so sorry I'm not good at the seriously technical exam stuff, lol, but this is hopefully a little of what you'd like at least! :)) This is obviously part of an absolutely EPIC mpreg AU drama/suspense thingie that was inspired by a silly Lifetime movie! :D

Stolen, rated R, Frodo/Aragorn, mpreg, 1/? )
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So I'm going to start posting my holiday "card" requests...:) These are supposed to be drabbles, but I tend to break rules, and probably most of them are more like ficlets, a wee bit longer than drabbles, but not long enough to be short stories...::)

The Ball, rated PG, for kinkthatwinked, Casey/Zeke-Faculty )
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From [ profile] baranduin's LJ....

Hello! I have recently started thinking about the possibility of running a Frolijah fic exchange again and I know my girl Claudia is up for co-modding with me. It's been quite a few years since the last one and I know most people have moved on, but I'm wondering if there might be enough people interested in participating in something next year. These are my thoughts at this point:

As with all the other Frolijah fic exchanges, this would be one that focuses on either Frodo or Elijah as the central character.

All genres, pairings (if applicable) and ratings would be welcome as long as the focus character remains Frodo or Elijah.

What would be different this time around would be how fics are assigned. Rather than having people sign up with their preferences/squicks with the mods then doing the assignments, we'd mimic how the LOTR gen fic holiday exchange is working this year, where everyone who signed up chose a published prompt. I would also most likely make a change to this process such that in addition to publishing the list of prompts for people to choose from, I would include preferences/squicks so people would be aware of that information. Wouldn't do to have someone choose a prompt only to discover that the recipient only likes your most hated pairing ...

So feel free to comment with your interest and any other thoughts you might have. Also feel free to spread the word so that people not on my flist can hear about it. Thank you!

Please go here for more information!!!

Frolijah Exchange Info
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Project Runway All Stars has a very special guest star from Russia. The project was to create an outfit worthy of attending Baranduin's birthday bash put on by some very snooty felines who do not just let anyone in....


"As you know in fashion, one day you are in and the next you are meow-t!"


"As representative of Harry, Teddy, and Scout, all of whom are too important to be here right now, I must say I am bored by this look. So bored. And those spear-like things coming out of the shoulders? How are those appropriate perches for kitties?"

"Okay, what if instead I just bring these as party favors?"

Happy Birthday to [ profile] baranduin, one of the "all-stars" of LJ-land!

And I hope the kitties really ARE planning a birthday bash beyond all reckoning.....
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Others are posting "birthday fics" for Bilbo and Frodo. How could I be remiss? Oh, yes, busyness! But..I picked an old fic of mine from some years back and it's one that is gentle and healing, and I am reposting! Enjoy!

Title: Song of Valinor
Rating: G

Song of Valinor
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"Now HOW old is she?"

"29. Yet again! Merlin magic at its best!"

Happy Birthday to S., happy birthday to S.!

I hope you're having a spectacular time up by the northern beaches of Lake Michigan this week and that you're given a big bash of a celebration for your 29th birthday! Love you lots, my oldest friend (and I don't mean that chronologically of course!) -- ♥ ♥ ♥


May. 8th, 2014 05:47 am
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So I went out and watched the sunrise this morning and was inspired to write this:

Frodo shows Sam his first sunrise after he joins him in Valinor.

First Sunrise, rated G )
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I may not be on much tomorrow or Saturday, but I wanted to jump in for a birthday greeting!

Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] shirebound!!

Helo's waiting for an invitation into the portal for the b-day celebration!

I wrote a little TLTW ficlet for you as is mostly tradition! ;D

Title: Too Long to Wait: The Hands of a Healer
Rating: G
Pairing: Frodo/Aragorn (implied only)
former mpreg implied.
Summary: Ellohir wants to heal a new friend.

The Hands of a Healer, rated G )
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[ profile] addie71 requested Merlin keeping Arthur warm, magic or no.

(Either general fic or implied Merlin/Arthur)

Aura, rated G )
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[ profile] browngirl requested a hobbit and man combo of my choice keeping warm...:)

This is kind of an odd little piece, I think, but it is what came out! ;) Oh, and not a drabble. It's 332 words

Frost Waves, rated PG (for nakedness, nothing more), Frodo/Aragorn )
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This is not really a drabble since it's 252 words, so we'll call it a ficlet! ;)

[ profile] dreamflower02 asked for a Ranger to give much needed help to a snowed-in hobbit family!

Moving Mountains, rated G )
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Title: Morning Cuckold
Rating: Adult
Fandom/Pairing: Faculty, Casey/Zeke
Request: Daddy issues, Mr. Conner's got them when it comes to his son.
Summary: Mr. Conner can't accept where and with whom Casey goes in the early mornings.
Warnings: none
Word count: 3450
(posting this before my nieces wake up and make it impossible! ;D)
A/N: Hope you enjoy, Honey!!! Merry Christmas to you!

Morning Cuckold, Casey/Zeke for Honey )
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Title: Too Long to Wait: Caramel
Rating: G
Pairing: Frodo/Aragorn (implied only)
Warning: former mpreg implied
Summary: Ellohir helps Frodo make Yuletide caramel

Too Long to Wait: Caramel, rated G )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] cereta!!!!

I truly hope you get some snuggly time on your chair with kitties and your little girl today!!

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For [ profile] shirebound's birthday a few years ago, I wrote a story about Pippin and Helo finding a portal to Middle-earth:

Pippin and Helo's Excellent Adventure"

Tonight, just now, I whipped up a bit of a sequel....:)) Dear friend, I hope you'll find it sweet and comforting!

Pippin and Helo Have a Grand but Short Quest...rated G for fluff )
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Happy Birthday to the bestest [ profile] naemi!!!

My only complaint about you is that you're not around as much anymore (except with occasional bursts of emails haha). Your birthday present shall be that I will beta those two little things you sent me ages ago this weekend!

I hope otherwise that you are celebrating in the best way possible, with silliness and tipsiness and love!

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Ugh, I'm home sick today. Again. So this is what I do with an undignified tissue up in my nose.

Title: Beacon
Rating: G
Pairing: none, but you can put F/S in there if you want :)
Summary: Some anniversaries are filled with hope. A mostly double drabble.

Beacon, rated G )
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Stern!Dr. Who says....

Happy Birthday to my dear friend [ profile] gentlehobbit!!!


May you continue to enjoy your adventure in Who-land and of course come back to a beautiful rest of the year as you deserve! ♥
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] tangelian!!

I still have such fond memories of your visit 10 years ago when Khalil whistled so prettily for you and Frodo...;)

I hope you are/have had a wonderful birthday!



Apr. 22nd, 2013 05:44 am
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] rabidsamfan!!!

Happy belated Birthday to [ profile] ellinestel!!!

I hope you ladies have/have had a wonderful day. Rabidsam, I know you've had such absolute craziness this last week in your city, so I hope you get to do something stress-free and fun!

**birthday hugs**
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In case there are any of [profile] frolijah_fan_54's friends on my flist who have not heard, dear [ profile] frolijah_fan_54 has passed away. Such shocking, devastating news, a real loss. Such a dear, sweet lady, and I am honored and glad that I knew her and met her in person several times.

The first time I met her was when she and I were the first to arrive (or perhaps we had just been traveling on the same airline so we were in the same terminal) for a Houston moot back in 2007, and we met in the airport. We had been calling each other, trying to find each other, having never met in person before, and finally we did, and we had a big hug and it was like we'd known each other for years. Like [ profile] baranduin said in her post, she fit right in with our silliness and fun moot time. I know she loved LOTR/Elijah/fandom, loved all of her friends, and LJ/fandom/friends gave her a lot of pleasure in her life.

[ profile] addie71 has posted details here:
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] kittyfosterami!!!

Happy Birthday to [ profile] blackbird_song!!!

Happy Birthday to [ profile] frolijah_fan_54!!!

And yikes, I missed a birthday from earlier this week!

Happy Birthday to [ profile] golden_berry!!!

I hope you special ladies have a wonderful day, surrounded by love and good things today and the rest of the year! The kitten says this must be so.

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] blslarner!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, my friend of many ficlets! :)
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Happy Birthday to the Faculty darling of my flist and sister-wife to Moit -- [ profile] honeyandvinegar!!!


Have a wonderful day with your Pan and your Gavs and of course, your Casey and Zeke!!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥
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Happy Birthday to my dear friend [ profile] shirebound!!

"We heard via Pippin's teleportation device that it is a special birthday!"

"Merlin, I get to wish her happy birthday first!" "No, Helo, you ALWAYS get to go first!" "But I have blue eyes like Frodo!" "But I have long legs like a Ranger!"

"On second thought, leaving our warm couch is a bit too much trouble. Let's just let Claudia wish Shirebound a happy birthday!"

Hope you have a wonderful day - and year filled with love, laughter, and happiness!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] serai1!!!

I hope life is a bit easier right now and that you are doing something of joy and enjoyment today. I don't always comment and say so, but I love your picture series...
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] prisca1960!!!

I hope you're doing something special with Casey and Zeke for yourself today!

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] melanieathene!!

I hope you have as lovely a day as the flowers you post!

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Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to the best husband ever, [ profile] moit!!!!


No fic yet, but this is a promise for a short ficlet some time in the near future! :)

Seriously, hope today means the beginning of new hope, a muse that never stops, and an awesome kickass future!! Love you lots!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

But because I must...
peer inside if you dare... )
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] maniac1 and happy belated birthday to [ profile] alyburns!

Hope your days were awesome!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l!!!

May today be Sam-and-Dean-licious!!! :) May your stories of all kinds take off!

Happy Birthday to [ profile] wiccabex!!!

May today be joyful and this year be the year that turns around for you!

**loves and hugs to you both**


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