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I probably won't be on much tomorrow (a very busy first day back at work after my vacay), so I wanted to wish a happy birthday to my dear friend [ profile] shirebound!!

Happy Birthday to [personal profile] shirebound!!!

Hope you have the bestest type of birthday, as you well deserve!

I wrote a little Too Long to Wait snippet for you that just came to me now! Ellohir gets a birthday greeting from far away.

"Ellohir, darling, you must sit still."

"It's scary," the little boy whispered, clutching Frodo's hand.

"Not for long," Aragorn said. He sat before the palantir, which swirled in gentle oranges and reds, reflecting the sunset. "It's a bit dusty, but soon you'll have your birthday surprise."

Frodo's heart thumped with worry. He so hoped Sam and Rosie had received the letter and had remembered. He supposed even if they had not, at least Ellohir could see Bag End.

"I don't like it," Ellohir said. "I want to go play with my ducks."

"Wait half a moment," Frodo said. "You're going to see the Shire and hobbits."

The orange and red disappeared and the globe turned black. Ellohir clutched Frodo's hand harder, but did not cry.

Frodo's heart lifted as the familiar bits of Bag End came into focus.

"Oh," Ellohir said, his mouth round with wonder. "Frodo's house."

Frodo held his breath. Had they remembered?

The sturdy wood table in Bag End's kitchen came into focus, and on it lay an enormous birthday cake with six candles. The cake had been cut into on the edges, but the writing in its middle was still fully intact. Sam, Rosie, several of their children, Merry, and Pippin gathered around the table. Rosie and Sam struggled to manage a few of their little ones who chased one another around the kitchen with frosting-smeared lips.

On the birthday cake was written in sloppy pink frosting, "Happy Birthday, dear Ellohir!"

Merry and Pippin laughed and sipped ale.

"So that's what those scoundrels do when they're off duty," Aragorn said.

Ellohir beamed, and a few tears of happiness slid down Frodo's cheeks.
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