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Request: holiday themed Frodo/Sam, any rating, any setting.


Frodo sat at the table at the Green Dragon, his throat filled with so much misery that he had taken only a few sips of his ale. He had come to the Yule party, hoping beyond hope that Sam would be there, alone and available. Sam was indeed there, but he laughed with Rosie, who stroked his hand.

I should just leave. I must have misunderstood everything.

In the preceding weeks, whenever he had met Sam's gaze, he had felt something, a jolting of his heart, a breathless gasp. It had given him reason to get up in the morning, excitement to face every day. Every day he woke with the thought, if only Sam would take my hand, if only Sam would kiss me.

Sam saw him and startled. He said something to Rosie, patted her hand, and walked to Frodo.

“You came,” he said.

“I was just on my way out,” Frodo said. He forced a festive smile. He longed to go out into the snowy night where he could weep in peace.

“Why would you do that?” Sam asked. “I'd hoped...” he looked down. “That is, I had hoped you'd stay a bit with me.” He shyly touched Frodo's hand. “I...oh, bother, I'm making a mess of things, aren't I?”

“But Rosie,” Frodo said before he could stop himself.

“Rosie is a childhood friend,” Sam said. His eyes shone with joy. “It's you I was waiting for.”

Frodo's heart quickened, and before he could respond, Sam kissed him right there in front of everyone.
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