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2017-09-20 05:37 am

(no subject)

A birthday, a thing of great wonder...:)


Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] lbilover!!!

I hope you have an enjoyable day planned with doggies and hikes and delicious cake!
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2017-09-09 08:28 am

(no subject)

Happy Birthday, [ profile] ink_gypsy!!!!


Hope it's a great one for you!!
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2017-08-05 08:24 am

(no subject)

Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] febobe!!!!!

May today and this next year be wonderful for you in every possible way!!!
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2017-05-26 06:33 am

It's a birthday...

Happy Birthday to the marvelously lovely [ profile] addie71!!!


I hope you are well taken care of today by your family and you have as sweet a day as you!!

♥ ♥ ♥
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2017-05-20 07:35 am

Happy Birthday to the dear Hanarobi!!!

Happy Birthday to the awesomeest of awesome [ profile] hanarobi!!!!

"Dude, guess what, we're watching the absolute best Sentinel episode! It's the one with the alligator and the angel!"

I hope today is wonderful for you and that you do something fun and loving for yourself!
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2017-05-07 06:58 am

Darkness Drabbles

In May 2008, right after what happened to me in Tobago, I wrote these LOTR drabbles, all with the theme of darkness, many different points of views from different characters. They are actually some of my favorite gen fic writing. They were scattered in different entries, so this morning I decided to put them all in one entry and to share in case you may never have seen them.

Anyway, for those of you who may have never seen them or forgotten about them, enjoy! All of them are gen fic, all rated G.

Darkness Drabbles )
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2017-03-18 07:31 am

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the marvelous [ profile] lavendertook!!!!!!


Enjoy some mermaid kittens!!

I hope today you do something sweet and special for yourself.
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2017-01-03 07:27 pm

For aliensouldream...

Request: Frodo and Sam making Yule cookies! Competitiveness may come into it or food fights or sticky lovemaking...


a drabble...:)

Happy Holidays, Aliensouldream! Frodo/Sam, rated R )
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2016-12-29 08:10 am

For Hanarobi

Request: Helo, Merlin, Harry, Bangs, and Gideon run amok at either Bag End, Rivendell, or Comicom. (not-so-strangely, hanarobi and baranduin had almost the same request...but it was too fun not to do both!)


Happy Holidays, Hanarobi, rated G for Grand )
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2016-12-29 07:57 am

For Addie

Request: post quest F/S, h/c or a friends Aragorn and Frodo h/c at Rivendell or post quest


This is an actual drabble, lol.

Happy Holidays, Addie, rated G )
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2016-12-24 07:30 am

For Baranduin

The goofiest crack yet.

Request: LJ kitties


Happy Holidays, Baranduin, KITTIES )
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2016-12-23 08:59 pm

For Lilybaggins

Request: Strider finding Frodo in labor in Bree


Happy Holidays, Lilybaggins, Frodo mpreg )
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2016-12-23 08:52 pm

For Lbilover

Request: holiday themed Frodo/Sam, any rating, any setting.


Happy Holidays, Ellen! Frodo/Sam, rated G )
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2016-12-23 08:47 pm

For Shirebound

Request: A hobbit in the snow, with a puppy warm inside his coat.


This is an actual drabble!

Happy Holidays, Shirebound! Frodo/Aragorn, rated G )
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2016-12-23 08:42 pm

For Elwen

Request: Elrond h/c (funny or serious)

Elrond looking sick at hearing Black Speech--Facepalm

Happy Holidays, Elwen )
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2016-12-10 02:20 pm

Yuletide Frodo (or Elijah) fics are here! :)

Pretty much copied and pasted [ profile] shirebound's post:

[ profile] baranduin at the [ profile] yuletide4frodo community has posted prompts for Yuletide drabbles. The rules are simple:

1. Pick one or more prompts.

2. Write drabbles. ("Drabble" is more suggestion than requirement for length; if you want to write more than 100 words, go for it. Use the prompt as it occurs to you, either literally or as a jumping off point.) The only requirement is to include Frodo or Elijah or both.

3. Post to the [ profile] yuletide4frodo community by Christmas Eve.

"Prompts" post:
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2016-12-08 05:45 am

It's a Fooder Birthday!

The sun rises on another Fooder birthday...Come on, lady, greet the sun!
--Harry Fluffy Butt

D'oh! Forgot again. Fooder - wut?
--Sir Giddy Giddy Gumdrop Kitty

Happy f-ing birthday, Fooder of Seattle!
---Merlin Chin Chin of Chinchonia

Tell me more...about how awesome your birthday's going to be, Fooder.
--Sir Lovie McDovington of Helo-opolis, aka Captain Agathon

Happy Birthday, [ profile] baranduin, me dear me dear!!!!!

*sending you loves and joys and ♥ and kitties and crack fic galore!*
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2016-11-24 10:16 am

Fic rec

*still giggling*

[ profile] baranduin and [ profile] hanarobi just wrote me the most brilliant Claudia h/ccccccccc in Rivendell ficlet just for me!!!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll purr, you'll wonder where Sam is...
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2016-11-10 05:42 am

It's a birthday!

Happy Birthday to our dear [ profile] lovethosehobbit!!!!

Your birthday can be a bright spot in an otherwise dark week, just as you are ALWAYS a bright spot in our lives! :))

{{{inserts HUGE picture of Frodo marrying Aragorn}}}