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claudia603 ([personal profile] claudia603) wrote2015-06-18 06:48 am

It's a special, special birthday!!!!

It's an incredibly special b-day today, the bday of my oldest friend, a bday that I have helped celebrate as far back as 34 years ago!!!! Er...Which doesn't make sense since she just turned 25 today!! ;D

Happy Birthday to S., happy birthday to S., happy birthday dear S., happy birthday to S.!!!

In a galaxy far away, the OTP gaze in wonder at the birthday candles from S's cake and wonder what they can do to please her fic-wise.

Hope I get to see you very soooooooon!!!!

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Ah, the original OTP, the one that started it all. :D

Hope your friend has a great day.

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Happy Birthday to S!!

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thank you, Shirebound! I hope SD is treating you well :-) -- S

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such is my life now that I have only just got a chance to check for my (expected, demanded ;-)) annual post. You know I love these, and this one does not disappoint! Love the pic, love the message, looking forward to seeing you soon soon soon! love, your oldest BEST friend -- S