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Request: Helo, Merlin, Harry, Bangs, and Gideon run amok at either Bag End, Rivendell, or Comicom. (not-so-strangely, hanarobi and baranduin had almost the same request...but it was too fun not to do both!)


“Where are we, lady?” Harry asked Hanarobi, patting her cheek.

“We're in my bed – oh, no we're not. Where the hell are we?”

Gideon and Bangs leaped on the bed. They wrestled with each other while Harry looked on in boredom.

The gentle swish of waterfalls, lovely high-arched windows, a sweet herbal scent. Helo sat in a dignified manner on the windowsill looking down into the valley. His blue eyes matched the sky. Merlin batted a crumpled parchment on the ground, leaping on it as if it were an unfortunate mouse.

A stately thump of footsteps sounded from outside the room.

“Run!” Gideon hissed. “Hide!”

Helo disappeared, blinking out of sight.

“I hide from no one,” Harry said.

Elrond entered the room. He looked at the scattered chicken bones littered the ground. “So that's where the lunch meant for my council got off to.” He shook his head with great annoyance. “Cats.” He paused and met Hanarobi's eyes sheepishly. “By the way, please do let me know if a golden ring shows up in one of the litter boxes...”
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