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Whoa, wtf? It's a purrrrrthday?

Hi, this is Helo. I'm guessing Harry might have forgotten! He's a nice guy but he's too busy hanging out with Rick and Meril right now outside of Bree waiting for some action there! But I haven't forgotten.

Oh yeah, and Merlin is pretending that he could care less.

...But I've been hearing him singing happy birthday all morning. What a tool! Over and out, Claudia now!

Happy, happy Birthday!!!!!

I hope today is a Good Day! So much love to you! ♥ ♥ ♥
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] primwood!!!!!

I hope you have a lovely day today!!! (And I hope that today's election turns out well!! *crosses all fingers and toes*)
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] ink_gypsy!!!

I hope you have a great day doing something nice for yourself today!
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Happy Birthday to the fantastical, marvelously grand [personal profile] hanarobi!

Deadpool is here to tell you that kittens make everything better!

Have a wonderful day, my friend!
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Happy Birthday to the fantastic [personal profile] shirebound!!!

I can't believe it was a year ago right after your b-day that we met in San Diego! That seems so long ago and yet not long ago at all...

I hope you have a fully enjoyable and relaxing day with family today and that the weather stays decent and you have good cake and not let Pippin watch ROTK too often since this is how he imagines Rohan riding to the defense of Gondor:

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] serai1!!!

I hope you have a lovely day!
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Happy Birthday, dear [personal profile] lavendertook!!!!

May this be a wondrous and happy day with Da Kitties! :)

(I would post a pic, but it doesn't seem to be working for me right now! )
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For the birthday girl, [ profile] baranduin, who thought up this place in my tale...:) This ain't literature, but it must do for now...:)

Once upon a time in Trumplandia... )
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Happy Birthday to dear [personal profile] elwendell!!!!

I hope it's a marvelous day for you, filled with everything you delight in (or at least a relaxing day in your garden) :))
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A birthday, a thing of great wonder...:)


Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] lbilover!!!

I hope you have an enjoyable day planned with doggies and hikes and delicious cake!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] ink_gypsy!!!!


Hope it's a great one for you!!
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Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] febobe!!!!!

May today and this next year be wonderful for you in every possible way!!!
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Happy Birthday to the marvelously lovely [ profile] addie71!!!


I hope you are well taken care of today by your family and you have as sweet a day as you!!

♥ ♥ ♥
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Happy Birthday to the awesomeest of awesome [ profile] hanarobi!!!!

"Dude, guess what, we're watching the absolute best Sentinel episode! It's the one with the alligator and the angel!"

I hope today is wonderful for you and that you do something fun and loving for yourself!
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In May 2008, right after what happened to me in Tobago, I wrote these LOTR drabbles, all with the theme of darkness, many different points of views from different characters. They are actually some of my favorite gen fic writing. They were scattered in different entries, so this morning I decided to put them all in one entry and to share in case you may never have seen them.

Anyway, for those of you who may have never seen them or forgotten about them, enjoy! All of them are gen fic, all rated G.

Darkness Drabbles )
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Happy Birthday to the marvelous [ profile] lavendertook!!!!!!


Enjoy some mermaid kittens!!

I hope today you do something sweet and special for yourself.
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Request: Frodo and Sam making Yule cookies! Competitiveness may come into it or food fights or sticky lovemaking...


a drabble...:)

Happy Holidays, Aliensouldream! Frodo/Sam, rated R )
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Request: Helo, Merlin, Harry, Bangs, and Gideon run amok at either Bag End, Rivendell, or Comicom. (not-so-strangely, hanarobi and baranduin had almost the same request...but it was too fun not to do both!)


Happy Holidays, Hanarobi, rated G for Grand )

For Addie

Dec. 29th, 2016 07:57 am
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Request: post quest F/S, h/c or a friends Aragorn and Frodo h/c at Rivendell or post quest


This is an actual drabble, lol.

Happy Holidays, Addie, rated G )
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The goofiest crack yet.

Request: LJ kitties


Happy Holidays, Baranduin, KITTIES )
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Request: Strider finding Frodo in labor in Bree


Happy Holidays, Lilybaggins, Frodo mpreg )
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Request: holiday themed Frodo/Sam, any rating, any setting.


Happy Holidays, Ellen! Frodo/Sam, rated G )
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Request: A hobbit in the snow, with a puppy warm inside his coat.


This is an actual drabble!

Happy Holidays, Shirebound! Frodo/Aragorn, rated G )

For Elwen

Dec. 23rd, 2016 08:42 pm
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Request: Elrond h/c (funny or serious)

Elrond looking sick at hearing Black Speech--Facepalm

Happy Holidays, Elwen )
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Pretty much copied and pasted [ profile] shirebound's post:

[ profile] baranduin at the [ profile] yuletide4frodo community has posted prompts for Yuletide drabbles. The rules are simple:

1. Pick one or more prompts.

2. Write drabbles. ("Drabble" is more suggestion than requirement for length; if you want to write more than 100 words, go for it. Use the prompt as it occurs to you, either literally or as a jumping off point.) The only requirement is to include Frodo or Elijah or both.

3. Post to the [ profile] yuletide4frodo community by Christmas Eve.

"Prompts" post:
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The sun rises on another Fooder birthday...Come on, lady, greet the sun!
--Harry Fluffy Butt

D'oh! Forgot again. Fooder - wut?
--Sir Giddy Giddy Gumdrop Kitty

Happy f-ing birthday, Fooder of Seattle!
---Merlin Chin Chin of Chinchonia

Tell me more...about how awesome your birthday's going to be, Fooder.
--Sir Lovie McDovington of Helo-opolis, aka Captain Agathon

Happy Birthday, [ profile] baranduin, me dear me dear!!!!!

*sending you loves and joys and ♥ and kitties and crack fic galore!*

Fic rec

Nov. 24th, 2016 10:16 am
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*still giggling*

[ profile] baranduin and [ profile] hanarobi just wrote me the most brilliant Claudia h/ccccccccc in Rivendell ficlet just for me!!!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll purr, you'll wonder where Sam is...
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Happy Birthday to our dear [ profile] lovethosehobbit!!!!

Your birthday can be a bright spot in an otherwise dark week, just as you are ALWAYS a bright spot in our lives! :))

{{{inserts HUGE picture of Frodo marrying Aragorn}}}
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] sue_denimme!!!

Hope it's been a marvelous one for you!!!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] ink_gypsy!!!!

I hope you have a good day and can be kind to yourself! ♥
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Happy Birthday to the adorable, awesome [ profile] mews1945!!!!

"She's HOW awesome????"

Hope you have a marvelous day as you deserve, surrounded by love!

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Happy birthday to the hobbity one and only [ profile] dreamflower02!!!


May you have a fun-filled day full of delights today!!!

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Happy Birthday to S., Happy Birthday to S., Happy Birthday dear S., Happy Birthday to S.!

Because I realized I don't really know if there is a current fandom that I am aware of, I will go ALL old school on you...

"Whoa, dude, it's S.'s birthday!"

"It's going to be as magical as our One True Pairing."


"I'll just show up to the party looking hot!"

Hope today is fantastic, my oldest friend!! (er...not literally my oldest friend-- but what is it this year again? 29?) *love and ♥ to you*
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Frohliche Geburtstag, darling [ profile] julchen11!!!


May it be as sweet as you are!
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Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] addie71!!!

I hope today is a special one for you with your family! **hugs**

Frodo and Sam send their best wishes, as well!
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Lol, I thought a lot of us could relate to this!

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Oh, my! It's [ profile] hanarobi's birthday!!!


I hope it's a wonderful, fun, peaceful day for you! Lots and lots of love to you. Damn, I have this small thing I got for you that reminded me of you that I meant to send like, er, 5 months ago, so maybe it will come in the next week as a very late b-day pressie!
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Happy Birthday, dear [ profile] gentlehobbit!!!

Some special kitties want to say happy birthday to you!

We don't see you enough around here, hope you'll be stopping by more often now, I miss you!
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I probably won't be on much tomorrow (a very busy first day back at work after my vacay), so I wanted to wish a happy birthday to my dear friend [ profile] shirebound!!

Happy Birthday to [personal profile] shirebound!!!

Hope you have the bestest type of birthday, as you well deserve!

I wrote a little Too Long to Wait snippet for you that just came to me now! Ellohir gets a birthday greeting from far away.

Too Long to Wait: Birthday Wish, rated G (F/A implied only, former mpreg implied only) )
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[ profile] baranduin suggested sharing of some music videos, and naturally many shared so far have been '80s videos since well, 80's videos were the shit, naturally. :D

Once upon a time in 1986, high school!Claudia was absolutely obsessed with the Moody Blues' "Wildest Dreams"...I think I played this song a record number of times of any song I ever owned ever...

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Happy Birthday to the awesome [ profile] lilybaggins!!!!

I'm always sorry that you're not around more often, but am always delighted when you check in again. I miss you lots, but here's a story, sort of not completed, but a vignette more like, there is no mpreg, but rather an obsessive (creepy?) Ranger...Hope you enjoy! ;D

Perfect, rated PG13ish, Frodo/Ranger (sort of) )
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] cairistiona7!!!!

May the King of Gondor help you to celebrate in many ways!!

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So the Frodo (or Elijah) Yule Challenge is live now! ([ profile] yuletide4frodo)!!!!

Come one, come all! We are very easy-going, the three Stooges, and hope that everyone will find something! Yes, even you who think you might be blocked!

Prompt post live
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In case you haven't read it already, [ profile] baranduin and I will be doing a Frodo (or Elijah) exchange!!! [ profile] baranduin set up the intro post!

Go here for more info! This will be any genre or pairing, gen or slash, anything, as long as Frodo (or Elijah) is a key character.
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Happy Birthday to the wonderfully sweet and wise [ profile] mews1945!!!!


I hope your family treats you like a queen, you deserve all the love and happiness!!!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] dreamflower02!!!!

hobbit girls

May your Shire live on forever! (and I hope you have a great day today!)
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It's an incredibly special b-day today, the bday of my oldest friend, a bday that I have helped celebrate as far back as 34 years ago!!!! Er...Which doesn't make sense since she just turned 25 today!! ;D

Happy Birthday to S., happy birthday to S., happy birthday dear S., happy birthday to S.!!!

In a galaxy far away, the OTP gaze in wonder at the birthday candles from S's cake and wonder what they can do to please her fic-wise.

Hope I get to see you very soooooooon!!!!
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Sorry a bit late, but like I said, I couldn't get into LJ at all yesterday!

Happy Birthday to [ profile] ourdramaqueen!!!

I do so hope you're soon in your new house with your precious family! ;)
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Happy Birthday to darling [ profile] addie71!!!!

May your year be full of delicious adventure and friendship!!

**hug hugs**
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