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Birthdate:Sep 28
Location:United States of America
Website:Strange as News From Bree -- Claudia's Fan Fiction
Strange as News From Bree -- Claudia's Fan Fiction Archive

Hi! Welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm Claudia and I have been a part of this wonderful community for the past almost 9 years! I started this journal in June 2002, thinking I might only stay around a few weeks, and...I guess I keep coming back because I love being a part of this wonderful community where we can share fics, life, laughter, hugs, and love.

I mod and/or comod the following communities:

I am a proud member of the Three Stooges, which consists of baranduin, trianne, claudia603, and together (with baranduin doing the lion's share of the work) we've run challenges:
Frodo Spring Fic Exchange 2006
2008 Frolijah Fic Challenge
"For Lorie" project (lories_friends), a compilation of multi-fandom stories in honor of and for our dear lorie945 who passed away from cancer. We bumble along but we get the job done! ;D

During my first years here, I was primarily a writer and reader in the LOTR fps and LOTR gen fandom. I wrote a metric ton of fic in the LOTR FPS and FP realm. My fiction can be found on Strange As News From Bree and most of it can be found on Archive of Our Own. I write in a variety of genres, from gentle canon gen fic to interspecies slash to graphic mpreg.

I am also enamored of The Sentinel fandom. My crack is provided here as well as at sentinelficfind. I love Faculty and Merlin fic as well!

Er... and what else to know about me? I'm 40 years old. I am married with no kids. My husband lives on the island of Trinidad in the West Indies. Due to a personal crisis unrelated to him, I live separately from him in the States.

Things I adore: writing, reading, watching movies and fun television shows, good food, good wine, palm trees, liming with friends (both in RL and on LJ), family, friends, enjoying nature, LJ moots.

Things I don't adore: intolerance, racism, violence, willful ignorance, greed, wank, people who look for or seem always to find malicious or selfish intent in other people's actions/words, misunderstandings.

Every day I come to LJ because I consider it a joyful, creative, loving place, a buffer against a sometimes irritating/cruel/boring Real Life, and I am very, very lucky to have made so many wonderful, loving friends here.

Friending "policy":I love to meet new and interesting people who share my interests, like the same kind of fics I do, etc. However, sometimes I can be a cautious reciprocal friender. I don't usually friend empty journals or who appear to be under 18. If I've friended you and you have no idea who I am, it's probably because either you write fiction that I keep up with or I've seen you on friends' journals and find you nice and/or interesting in some way.

NEW: I'm quoting and tweaking a "friends policy" that I recently saw in another journal but it applies to me right now as well. I would also like to remind you all that every day is unfriending amnesty day; if you're finding me boring lately feel free to defriend me. Also, feel free to friend me, if you've been dithering about it. I am more likely to friend you back if we interact. I also am likely to defriend if we don't interact, but please don't feel that it is a personal slight; All that defriending means is that I am trying to limit my time spent on fandom social networks to the people I interact with and have more in common with at the moment. It doesn't mean I dislike you or am mad at you.

Most of my personal posts are locked, but all my fiction remains public so if you've just friended me for the fic and the occasional cracktastic comment, you won't miss anything by not seeing my locked entries.

Please note: Some material that I post may be unsuitable for those under 18. I would prefer it if those under 18 do not read my journal or friend me. Thanks!

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