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Request: Frodo and Sam making Yule cookies! Competitiveness may come into it or food fights or sticky lovemaking...


a drabble...:)

“What do you think?” Sam dabbed his icing-covered finger over Frodo's lips. Frodo's eyes were closed, his head thrust back with need. Sam had stripped him of most of his clothing and he lay on Bilbo's old table, among bowls of dough and festive green buttercream icing.

“Sweet, but your finger's far sweeter,” Frodo gasped. He guided Sam's sticky hand to his engorged member. “There.”

Sam stroked Frodo for a moment before saying, “I wouldn't mind a taste myself.”

“Please,” Frodo breathed harder. “Now.”

And Sam tasted such sweetness that no icing could ever rival.
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